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Challenge and Contest Posting


Here is where you can submit your own idea for a challenge or contest.

Fill in all that apply and post it as a comment. Here's a sample and codes for the form.

Genre: Romance (you may have any genre, any combination of genres, or simply "all" here)
Scenario: (THIS WILL NOT BE A CHALLENGE AND IS NOT MY OWN ORIGINAL IDEA.) One blanket. One room. One pairing. If they don't share the blanket, hypothermia is inevitable.
Fandom type: Anime (books, games, movies, etc are other examples)
Rating Range: All
Sexual Orientation: Any (this is where you specify if you want Yaoi, Yuri, Heterosexual, or all)
Length: Oneshot (we'll decide how long people get based on how long you want the stories to be. Fics that reqire more than 10 chapters will be rendered obsolete and you will have to resubmit)
Anything else?: Nothing else.

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